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Multi-layer Foil Insulation
  • Product description

Multi foil Insulation material provide good thermal barrier property,but only with 40mm thickness.Compared with the traditional insulation material, like glass wool, foam, rock wool, Qiyao multi-foil insulation material can give you a very high thermal barrier rate to 7.17㎡*k/w.

The material can seal your roof from the wind and dust as a envelop(especially applied for wood & metal roofing or ceiling system), keep the inside air flow smoothly, providing you a good ventilation living surrounding. After installing, your roof will retain dry and warm in winter, while prevent overheating in summer.

Essential Charactertics
Thermal Resistance-Core
R 1.31
EN 12667:2001
Thermal Resistance-Roof
R 2.27
EN 12667:2001
Thermal Resistance-Wall
R 2.73
EN 12667:2001
Tensile properties-Length
EN 12311-1
Tensile properties-Width
EN 12311-1
Dimensional Stability
EN 1604:2007
Water penetration
EN 1928:2000
Reaction to Fire
Class E
EN 16501-1
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